October 27, 2022

Dr. Joe Lightner has given his resignation as the president of Jacksonville College effective
Friday, October 28, 2022. Writing to the Board of Trustees, Dr. Lightner said the Lord has
“released me to lead a non-profit [that] I started several years ago while also supporting other

Dr. Lightner assumed the role of president on July 15, 2021. He led the college through many of
the challenges of COVID-19 and the ongoing effects that the pandemic caused. Through Dr.
Lightner’s tenure, the college experienced success in much needed facility renovations,
including the Student Union Building with an upgraded kitchen and cafeteria. The college also
received a good report with high marks from the accrediting institution (SACSCOC). Finally,
under Dr. Lightner’s leadership, Jacksonville College has grown in enrollment and revenue.
Dr. Lightner will continue to support the College and expressed thankfulness to the Board of
Trustees for the opportunity to serve as the president of Jacksonville College. 

Chairman Dwayne Orr said, “I have nothing but great respect for Dr. Lightner and the steps he
has taken to move Jacksonville College forward. He has operated with integrity and focus
throughout his tenure.”

The Board has unanimously voted to extend an
invitation to Dr. John Mann to serve as Interim
President during the presidential vacancy and is
moving forward with plans to fill the position of
President in the coming months.

Dr. Mann has served the college over the last
year as the Executive Vice President. Mr. Orr
expressed confidence in Dr. Mann’s leadership
as he moves the college forward. 

Dr. Mann expressed gratitude to the Board of Trustees for placing their confidence in him
during this time. He said that his time as Interim President will be focused on “celebrating the
great legacy of Jacksonville College while we pursue the future.” He asks that the constituents
of Jacksonville College pray for him to have wisdom to lead this great college during this time
and that the students grow in their knowledge of the Lord.

Dr. Mann states, “Our mission statement is, ‘We provide Christ-centered teaching and training
that prepares students to lead meaningful lives that transform the world.’ Please pray for the
College to achieve this vision so that we will send countless students out with minds and hearts
that are prepared to engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ as they pursue their

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees for Jacksonville College is scheduled for
January 19, 2023.