Jacksonville College was privileged to recognize select students at the 2023 Spring Banquet on the evening of April 18. There were four categories of awards presented to students. The evening began with student favorite awards, proceeded to academic and athletic awards, and concluded with service awards.

The Student Government Association (SGA) awards are nominated and voted on by the students of Jacksonville College. The awards and recipients are:

  • Mr. and Miss Best School Spirit: Jesse Adams and Sarah Elder 
  • Mr. and Miss Most Talented: Chilton Price and Sabina Croft
  • Most Handsome and Most Beautiful: Daniel Cruz and Salaya Holmes
  • Mr. and Miss Freshman Class Favorite: Brandon Jimenez and Hannah Zoch
  • Mr. and Miss Sophomore Class Favorite: Tyler Webb and Lola Posey
  • Mr. and Miss Jacksonville College: Mitchell Hackstedt and Antonia Henao
  • Favorite JC Employee: Dr. Gerald Hawkins

The Academic awards honor a student that displays high achievement in a particular department and/or discipline and are chosen by the department and/or discipline’s respective instructors. 

Department of Business and Computer Science

  • Business: Jason Gwillam

Department of Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Fine Arts 

  • Education: Tyler Webb
  • Learning Frameworks: Lucas Ueben Wannmacher

 Department of Health and Physical Education

  • Physical Education: Chidera Ezeilo

Department of Literature and Languages

  • English: Ian Williams
  • Speech: Maruan Silva

Department of Mathematics

  • Mathematics: Daniel Pinzon

 From the Department of Science 

  • Biology: Brandon Jimenez

From the Department of Social Sciences 

  • Geography: Miranda Thompson Lustig
  • Government: Kira Lehner
  • History: Tyler Webb 
  • Humanities: Caden Shaw

A variety of Athletic Awards were presented including Most Valuable Player, All Academic, and Regional awards.

MVP Awards: These awards highlight the Most Valuable Player from each of the sports. Recipients are chosen by their respective coaches. 

  • Men’s Basketball MVP: Bentravin Phillips
  • Women’s Basketball MVP: Jailynn Schmaltz
  • Men’s Cross Country MVP: Caden Shaw
  • Women’s Cross Country MVP: Hannah Zoch
  • Men’s Golf MVP: Easton Lampi
  • Women’s Golf MVP:  Xiadani Islas 
  • Men’s Soccer MVP: Julius Rahmig
  • Women’s Soccer MVP: Taylor Gutierrez
  • Men’s Tennis MVP: Andres Ayala Saenz
  • Women’s Tennis MVP: Alexia Tapia Onate
  • Outstanding Doubles Player: Logan Stoltz
  • Outstanding Singles Player: Edoardo Brustia
  • Most Improved Player: Brock Dawson
  • Men’s Track and Field MVP: Joel Aihia
  • Women’s Track and Field MVP: JaMiyah Burton

NJCAA Region XIV and National Awards: These awards signify students that have been chosen by our region as displaying a high level of athletic achievement.

  • Men’s Basketball Honorable Mention: Bentravin Phillips. 
  • Women’s Basketball Honorable Mentions: Keasia Robinson and Salaya Holmes.

NJCAA Region XIV All Academic Team: These student athletes have maintained a 3.25 or higher GPA after completing at least 30 credit hours and playing at least one season at the NJCAA collegiate level. Those named this year are: 

  • Jesse Adams 
  • Tiffanie De La Cruz 
  • Tomas Noya
  • Andres Ortiz
  • Joel Aihia 
  • Alexander Hassel
  • Caden Shaw
  •  Ian Williams
  • Natalia Gonzalez 
  • Elias Rojas, 
  • Philipp Strube
  • Hanna Ceballos 
  • Madison Manak
  • Alexia Tapia 
  • Stine Blancke
  •  Keita Karasawa
  •  Julius Rahmig 
  • Mitchell Hackstedt
  • Lola Posey 
  • Gabriel Torres 
  • Giovana Coghetto
  • Jordan Nnoke
  • Damian Rojas.

Jacksonville College awards three service awards annually. This year’s recipients are: 

Dr. Mike and Susan Smith Servant Leadership Award: This award, and scholarship, chosen by the college faculty and staff, is in honor of former President Dr. Mike Smith and his wife Susan. It is given to a freshman student who displays a heart for servant leadership along with academic achievement and moral integrity. This year’s recipient is Karim Nasir.

Curtis Carroll Award: Each year the faculty chooses a sophomore student for this award, named for former college president Curtis Carroll. This student is to exemplify the highest of Christian behavior, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, be involved in campus and community activities, and be characterized by a good attitude and high standard of conduct. This year’s recipient is Caden Shaw. 

C.R. Meadows Award: This award, in memory of former college president and pastor C.R. Meadows, is awarded by the current president of the college to a student who exudes academic excellence and high moral integrity. This year’s recipient is Tyler Webb. 

Jacksonville College is honored to acknowledge these students and their unique qualities and talents. The evening concluded with a prayer from Interim President, Dr. John Mann giving thanks to God for Jacksonville College and the students that attend. We pray that God will continue to work and show his faithfulness in every aspect of the students’ lives as they continue pursuing educational and athletic endeavors.