Dual Credit & Concurrent High School College Student

Application Checklist

Our Admissions Office will walk you step by step through the application process to make it as simple as possible.

After you submit a completed application, follow the checklist below to finish the admissions process. When you finish each item on the checklist, you’ll be registered in the courses preapproved by your high school counselor.

You cannot enroll in classes until all required documents have been received and approved by the Admissions Office.

Step 1: Apply
Step 2: Fill Out Dual Credit Form

Step 1: Apply

Contact your high school counsolor to obtain any required information for the application, such as testing scores, social security number, etc.

If you are a homeschool student, please contact our Admissions Office.

Start an application here.

Step 2: Fill Out Dual Credit Form

Ultimately, all dual credit students must fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Verification Form

“I completed the application checklist. What now?”

Be sure to check with Admissions a few business days after completing the checklist to verify everything was submitted properly and nothing is missing. A single missing document can prolong admittance, so be sure to complete the checklist in a timely manner.

Unofficial documents may be mailed, uploaded to Empower or scanned and emailed to the contact information below. Official documents must be sent directly to Jacksonville College (ATTN: Admissions) from the originating organization.

Other Application Checklists

Transfer Students

If you would like to transfer to Jacksonville College from another college.

Transient Students

If you attend another college and only want to take a few courses at JC.

Non-Degree Seeking

If you just want to take a few classes without pursuing a degree.

First-Time Students

If you’ve never attended a college or university.

Contact Admissions

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Contact our Admissions Office.

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