Cost & Aid

We believe college should be affordable for everyone.

We make available as many scholarship opportunities, performance grants, and financial aid options as possible to ensure college does not feel like a heavy financial burden.


We work hard to be completely transparent with our students and their families so you understand exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will really cost to attend college.

Financial Aid

College doesn’t have to cause financial hardship. There is a wide range of financial aid options available whether you have limited income, are a veteran, or have a disability.

Scholarships & Grants

At Jacksonville College we offer a vast array of scholarships and grants for students in a wide variety of circumstances, including scholarships for those pursuing a career in ministry, students who graduated from homeschool, those planning to do school online, students who grew up as missionary kids, and many more.

Payment Plans

You have access to affordable and reasonable payment plans that keep tuition budget-friendly at Jacksonville College.


We understand that students have to withdraw from a class for a variety of reasons. We work hard to make refunds easy to access for students who really need it.

Contact The Financial Aid Office

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Contact our Financial Aid Office.

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