Tuition & Fees

How much does it really cost to attend Jacksonville College?

We understand that this is one of the most important questions on your mind when considering college.

The exact annual cost varies based on a wide range of circumstances from the degree you’re pursuing to your living arrangements and everything in between. However, we’ve worked hard to make our pricing as simple and affordable as possible so you’re not left guessing.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Estimated Yearly Cost of Full-Time Enrollment at Jacksonville College*

Tuition & Fees $7,590 $7,590 $7,590
Books & Supplies $1,510 $1,510 $1,510
Room & Board $8,650 $0 $9,250
Other Expenses $1,605 $5,360 $3,350
TOTAL $19,355 $15,460 $21,700

About This Chart

*Tuition & Fees. Average based on 24 hours per year. Actual costs vary by degree pathway.

*Books & Supplies. Average cost for an entire academic year.

*Room & Board. Estimated for living in Jacksonville. Actual costs vary by location & circumstances.

*Other Expenses. Estimated for other expenses incurred.

The cost of enrollment is calculated by totaling tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and other expenses. Any Federal, state or institutional aid you receive will be subtracted, and the difference is the amount you can expect to pay for college depending on your individual enrollment and residence.

Tuition & Fees


Application fee for nonimmigrant aliens $500
Transient application fee $25
Tuition (per hour) for fall and spring terms $210
Audit fee per semester hour $50
Advanced Placement/CLEP per hour $25
Tuition (per hour) for 8 week courses $210
Winter and Summer 1 hour courses $215
Winter and Summer 3 hour courses $515
Winter and Summer 4 hour courses $615

A nonimmigrant alien student requesting an I-20 must pay the $500 non-refundable international fee.


Student Fees (long terms only)

Student fee (12 hours or more) $1,275
Student fee (per hour rate up to 11 hours)     $85

Room and Board

Room only per long semester $2,300
Board only per long term (with tax) $2,025
Room and board per long term (with tax) $4,325
Room Reservation fee for student residence $100
Parking Permit $30


Graduation fee

Cap and gown fee

Included in first term fees

Additional Fees

Transcript fee (for pick up) $7.50
Transcript fee (electronic) $9.25
Transcript fee (mailing) $9.60
Transcript fee (certified mail / United States) $21.60
Transcript fee (mail International) $14.60
Residence key/fob replacement $25
Rekey lock to student housing $10
Student ID card replacement $25
Returned check fee $25
Administrative charge for payment plan $20
Placement testing $35
Schedule Change (after classes begin) $25
Late Registration $25
Diploma Reprint Fee $15
Supplemental Athletic Insurance per term (required for all athletes) $125



Payment is due by the end of the first week of a term, or the start of a session, unless a payment plan has been agreed upon and signed in advance. All completed financial assistance will be considered when figuring student accounts. The assistance may come from PELL, TEG, veteran’s benefits, a student loan, Jacksonville College discount, external scholarship, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Applications for financial aid must be completed by August 1 for fall and by January 5 for spring to ensure it is available for consideration.


Michelle Hancock
Director of Student Accounts