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Jacksonville College presents... BLOCK tuition

What is block tuition?

Block tuition, or flat rate tuition, is another way Jacksonville College is supporting our students on a pathway to not only meet but also EXCEED their goals. By implementing block tuition, we hope to lessen financial barriers.. your tuition for full time enrollment will not increase if you take between 12 and 17 hours. 

What if I want to enroll part time?

That’s ok! We welcome part time students at a low per hour rate, comparable to other junior colleges in the area. This ensures you have access to a quality, Christian education – right here in East Texas. 

Tuition and Fee Breakdown 2024-2025


Regular term

Full time (12-17 hours)  $3,150.00 per term
Part time (1-11 hours)  $210.00 per hour
18+ hours  $210.00 per hour

8-week term

Hour(s)  Cost 
1 $210.00
2 $420.00
3 $630.00
4 $840.00
5 $1,050.00

Short-term ONLY (Summer and Winter)

1 hour course $215.00
3 hour course $515.00
4 hour course $615.00


In addition to your tuition, the following fees may be assessed

Fee description Cost
Student Service*
Full time (12-17 hours) $1,275.00 per term
Part time (1-11 hours) $85.00 per credit hour
18+ hours $85.00 per credit hour
Housing $1,535.00 per term
Long term $1,535.00
Summer Housing (Maymini- Summer 2) $1,250.00
Private room (if available) $2,035.00 per term
Food (mandatory meal plan for residents) $2,365.00 (incl. tax)

*required for each long term

Financial Responsibility Agreement

All Students MUST complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Fee Description Cost
International Application Fee $500.00
Transient Application Fee $25.00
Transcript Fee 
Pick up $7.90
Electronic  $9.65
Mailed (USPS, Certified, International)  Varies, call for more information 
Residence Key Replacement  $40.00
Student ID Card Replacement  $25.00
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Installment Plan Administrative Fee $30.00
Late Payment Fee $30.00
Placement Testing Fee $35.00
Add/Drop/Schedule Change (after course begins)  $25.00
Late Registration Fee $25.00
Diploma Reprint Fee $15.00
Athletic Supplemental Insurance* $125.00
Level One Conduct Violation $25.00
Level Two Conduct Violation  $100.00
Level Three Conduct Violation $350.00
Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit $70.00

* required for student athletes

Ways to pay for college

Your tuition, fees, housing and food are all calculated on your statement, veiwable through your Empower access. Your balance is due on or before the first day of school – but don’t worry, not only does Jacksonville College participate in federal and state financial aid programs – we also provide flexible payment options.

Pay in person

Visit the student accounts office in the Norman Building, in person, to make a payment in cash, by check, or by using your major credit or debit card. 

Pay online

Login to your Empower account and click “finances” to view your statement and make a payment online. 

Financial Aid Disbursements

Any financial aid awards must be accepted (if appicable) prior to the first class day to be considered payment, any balance after financial aid is applied can be paid in full or may be consered for an installmen plan. 

Installment plans

In providing for the payment of tuition and mandatory fees by installment, Jacksonville College has also established subsequent dates at periodic intervals within the applicable semester or term by which subsequent installment payments are due. Available options may be found on the Empower website once registration has been completed. If payments are not paid by the due dates, a late fee will be charged to the student. You must be eighteen (18) years of age or a parent or guardian’s signature is required. 

Jacksonville College installment plans divide the net financial obligation (after financial aid and loans are applied) into equal monthly payments based on the length of the term.After plan enrollment, if a student adds charges (such as a parking permit), makes schedule changes that impact tuition/fees, or if any additional aid or loan is applied to the student account the student will need to contact the business office to update the installment plan. 


Below is a general description of the types of Installment Plans at Jacksonville College:

  1. Long Term Plan: 
    1. 25% down + $20 Setup Fee
    2. 3 Subsequent Installments


  1. Eight Week Plan:
    1. 25% down + $ 20 Setup Fee
    2. 2 Subsequent Installments


There will be a 5 day grace period for payment to be received before a late fee is applied, for specific installment plan terms students will ALWAYS need to refer to their installment plan documents. 

Jacksonville College reserves the right to require an automatic debit authorization form for a credit card or checking account on any student/family that has failed to make scheduled payments from a previous term. An alternate payment schedule requiring a larger percentage of the balance on the first two payments may be put in place.


Cost of Attendance (FULL TIME ENROLLMENT)

On Campus Off Campus With Parent
Tuition & Fees $8,850.00 $8,850.00 $8,850.00
Housing & Food $7,800.00 $5,325.00 $2,320.00
Books & Supplies $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Personal $1,619.00 $3,825.00 $3,500.00
Transportation $985.00 $1,165.00 $1,165.00
Total COA $20,254.00 $20,165.00 $16,835.00

Financial Aid Disbursements

You could have multiple disbursement dates, depending on the type of aid you recieve and the dates your classes start. A disbursement is the process of converting financial aid funds to a payment toward your account balance. 

What is a disbursement?

The conversion of financial aid awards to payment toward your student account, this is not the date any refunds will be available. 

What is a refund?

After financial aid has been disbursed, and your account is paid in full – a refund of any credit balance will be due to you. Refunds are generally available on a weekly basis, in the form of a check, and can be picked up at the Norman Building. Any refunds not picked up after a certain time will be mailed to the address on record, so make sure to keep your address updated with the registrar’s office. 

When are the disbursement dates?

Fall disbursements are typically in mid-September and Spring disbursements are in mid-February. 

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