Library FAQ’s

What are the policies for the Library?

The Library is a place for study. A quiet atmosphere is to be maintained. Patrons are expected to follow commonly accepted rules of etiquette, including the observance of the College dress code.

  • Please turn off cell phones or place on vibrate only.
  • No head coverings (No caps, hats, hoodies, etc.)
  • Quiet in the study area.
  • Drinks in bottles or cups with secure lids only. Drinks must be placed away from electronic equipment or electrical sources.
  • Help keep the library clean! Do not leave trash on tables or floor.
  • The student ID card serves as the library card and is never to be loaned to others. This card must be presented for all library transactions. If the student ID card is lost, there is a replacement cost payable at Student Accounts in Norman Building.
If I have a problem with a computer or other equipment in the Library what should I do?

You should report computer or equipment problems to the Library staff who will help resolve the issue.

If a computer is slow to respond or does not work, should I just switch computers?

No. Please report the problem to the staff who all help resolve the issue.

Can I use a friend's ID card for checking out materials or using the computers in the Library?

No. You must use your own Jacksonville College ID card. If you use another ID, we may refuse service and keep the ID card.

What is the login and password for access to the college’s online research databases?

Use the same login and password that you use to login to MOODLE and EMPOWER. If you have issues accessing the database, connect with the staff at the Training Centers.

Are there any library helps available for searching the EBSCO databases?

Yes, on the Library Course in Moodle there is a basic and advanced search tutorial available. You will also find a PowerPoint database orientation available to guide you through accessing all databases. You will also find an example of a search using one of the databases available through TexShare in the Library Course in Moodle.

Where can I find information on citing in MLA style formatting?

There are MLA Handbooks available in the Training Centers and on Moodle.

Does the Library have textbooks that I can use?

Yes. We have some textbooks for student use. Please check with the Library staff.

Is there a charge for printing?

Yes. Single-sided black and white prints are 10 cents per page. Double-sided prints are 15 cents per page. Single-sided color prints are 1 dollar per page and double-sided prints are 1.75 dollars per page.

What specific types of tutoring does the Library offer?
  • One-on-One and Group Tutoring (walk-ins)

  • Study Groups (walk-ins & scheduled)

  • Student Testing (tests provided by instructors)

  • Student Make-up Work (provided by instructors)

  • MLA Style and Documentation

  • Audio/Visual Preparation Assistance

  • Written and Oral Communication Technology Assistance (Speech, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • Organization for Academic Writing: Essay, Summary, Literary Review, Research Writing, Resume’, etc.

  • Assistance with Access to Texshare Databases and Other Internet Sources

What do I need to do to receive tutoring at the Library?
  • Bring your assignment and textbook (if needed for the assignment). Also, a laptop computer or flash drives may be needed for some assignments.

  • Allow yourself a minimum of 20 minutes time.

  • Arrive early since tutoring is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What tutors and subject areas are available for tutoring?
  • Both current faculty members and student tutors are available at various times for tutoring students at the TC.
  • Tutors provide assistance in completing assignments for courses in the basic academic subjects offered at JC.
  • In addition, tutors assist students with research and composing audio/visual presentations.
  • Tutors also can study with students or provide methods of study to practice.
How do I access online tutoring assistance?

The Training Center (TC) is now open for online tutoring using Google Meet for currently registered students. Times are Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

You can use the following link on your computer to open directly to the TC:

You can install the Google Meet app on your cell phone by using the following directions:

1) Open APPS

2) Search

3) Type “Google Meet”

4) Click “Hangouts Meet by Google”

5) Click icon cloud

6) Click “Open” on “Team Video Meetings on the Go”

7) Click “continue”

8) Click “OK”

9) “Sign In”

10) Choose account

11) Add meeting code “kop-kfzw-ska”

**Notice the tutor can see and hear you immediately; however, the microphone must be open in order for tutors to hear you. Also, there is a chat bar to use if you do not have a microphone.

Several students may enter the meeting together and may remain or leave the meeting anytime during the times available for tutoring.

You may email if you need to send documents and/or receive information from tutors.