Information Technology

How do I determine my username and password?

How do I determine my username and password?

Your username takes the form of: [first 6 letters of last name][first letter of first name][two digit day of birth]

NOTE: Last names of fewer than six letters will just be the complete last name

Your password takes the form of: [last 4 digits of social security number][4 digit birth year]


Fred Thompson born 01/22/1990 with social security ending in 2234:

MOODLE username: thompsf22

MOODLE password: 22341990

Joshua Day born 10/07/1993 with social security ending in 0317:

MOODLE username: dayj07

MOODLE password: 01371993

I have forgotten my username or password. How do I find it?

Please email stating you have forgotten your username or password

Do I need to do anything to set up or activate my accounts?

No. We will create your accounts for you and send an email to you with instructions for logging into your accounts. You do not need to do anything.

I didn't receive an email with login information. What do I do?

That email would have been generated shortly after you were admitted, and sent to the email address you gave as your Permanent email address. It would have come from, and would have had the subject line, “New User Accounts Created at Jacksonville College”. If you can’t find it in either in your Inbox or Junk mail/Spam, then send an email to requesting your login credentials, preferably from that same Permanent email address. If you include the PIN you used when you filled out your application, that will expedite the process, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Why am I suddenly unable to log into Moodle?

Log into EMPOWER and make sure that there are no holds on your account. Certain holds may result in temporary suspension of your MOODLE account. If you see that you have a hold, contact the office that placed the hold on your account.

How do I communicate with my instructor by email?

Do NOT use MOODLE to communicate with your instructor. Your instructor won’t get the email. You must email your instructor directly using the email address that is provided in the course syllabus.

How do I contact tech support to get help?

You can create a help ticket, by emailing Please supply as much detail as possible about your problem. You may also contact the helpdesk by phone at: (903) 589-7118. The IT Helpdesk hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

What are the technology requirements for using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor?

Operating Systems:

Windows: 10 8, 7

Mac: OS X 10.10 or higher

iOS: 7.0+ (iPad only)



Windows: 2 GB RAM

Mac: 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk Space:

Windows: 75 MB of free hard disk space

Mac: 3 MB of free hard disk space

Web camera (internal or external) & microphone

A broadband Internet connection

If you need help determining whether you computer meets the above requirements, please email

If you experience any technical problems with the LockDown browser, submit a trouble ticket to the following website:

This video explains how Lockdown browser and monitor work: Overview for Students

I need the Respondus Lockdown Browser. How do I get it?

The Respondus Lockdown Browser is available at

If you have a test that requires it, the test itself should contain a link that sends you to the above address. When you get there the page will determine if you’re using a Mac or Windows computer and will offer the version of the browser corresponding to that hardware platform. On the left side of that page, you’ll find a link that says, “Do you need the _______ version?” The blank will show the other version. That way, if you are on a Windows computer and have a Mac at home, or vice versa, you can download the version you need for the other computer.

This test says I need the Respondus Lockdown Browser, but when I try to take the test, I only get the option to download it, not take the test. I’ve already downloaded it. What’s wrong?"

This test says I need the Respondus Lockdown Browser, but when I try to take the test, I only get the option to download it, not take the test. I’ve already downloaded it. What’s wrong?”

The Respondus Lockdown Browser is a separate browser, instead of a plugin or an extension installed in your regular web browser. On Windows, it has its own icon on your desktop. You take your test by starting the Lockdown Browser from its icon. It will automatically open to the Jacksonville College Moodle login page. From there, navigate to your class and SCROLL DOWN to the test you’re trying to take. As you take the test, be sure to give the pages enough time to load or you may see an error message like, “Error: Unable to continue. – The browser failed to retrieve user information from the server”.

Is there a safe place I can save documents other than my computer?

Google Drive is a service provided through your JagMail account. When you log into your account. You can access Google Drive by going to Log in using your JagMail username and password. You have access to unlimited storage on Google Drive, however, you will need a Internet connection to access your files.