Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and grants are awarded to qualifying students. Numerous scholarships and grants are available in the categories outlined below.


Verification Worksheet

All students applying for a scholarship must fill out the Verification Worksheet.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship is based on ACT/SAT scores.

Contact to learn more.

Departmental Scholar Scholarship

The Departmental Scholar Scholarship is based on academic merit and is awarded at the discretion of the respective Department Chair.

east texas scholars Scholarship

The East Texas Scholars Scholarship is based on academic merit and is available for application to all east Texas Top 10% Graduates. 

Ministry Scholarships

BMA of Texas Matching Scholarship

Available to students who are members of a church in the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of Texas.

Jacksonville College will match dollar for dollar the amount given by the church up to $1,000 per term.

Labenski Ministerial Scholarship

Available to students who are licensed and ordained BMA or SBTC ministers.

Up to $3,150 for fall or spring terms and up to $1,260 for summer terms.

Minister Family Scholarship

Available to a student who is a member of the immediate family of a BMAA or SBTC Minister who meets the eligibility requirements.

Up $1,000 for fall and spring terms.

Young male studying for university at home via online lessons du

JC Online Scholarship

Awards up to $1,000 per term to students enrolled in at least 12 semester hours of online coursework or 9 hours with full-time employment verification.​

Other Scholarships

Commuter Scholarship

Awards up to $1,000 per term to eligible students who live off campus.

Departmental Student Assistant Scholarship

Available to students willing to work for instructors in a particular department for a minimum of 15 hours per week. Covers up to $1,500 of the student’s tuition per term.

Home School Scholarship

Awards up to $1,000 of the student’s educational expenses per term.​

International Scholarship

Awards up to $2,000 per term to all international students not receiving any other form of Jacksonville College aid.

Missionary Kid (MK) Scholarship

Awards up to $2,500 per term for children of missionaries.

Miss GMA of Texas Scholarship

Awards up to $1,000 per term to the young lady who receives the Miss GMA of Texas title.

Mr. Galilean of Texas Scholarship

Awards up to $1,000 per term to the young man who receives the Mr. Galilean of Texas title.

Performance Discount

Awards up to $2,000 or more per term, as available, to qualifying students.

Personnel Scholarship

Allows college faculty and staff to enroll up to six hours per term, Jacksonville College with free tuition for as much as six hours per term. More than six hours requires approval of the administration.

Presidential Scholarship

Awarded by the President of Jacksonville College. Applicants must write a letter to the President explaining the need for this scholarship and the aspirations he or she has for continuing his or her education.

SOAR Scholarship

Awarded to a high school senior who enrolls at Jacksonville College immediately following high school graduation and awards up to $3,150 per term. The Scholarship is presented annually at the SOAR Conference.

More About Scholarships & Performance Discounts

Students receiving institutional performance discounts and scholarships (except ministerial part-time scholarships) must enroll for at least 12 semester hours of associate degree core courses each fall and spring term until core courses are completed. Students must maintain enrollment in at least 12 semester hours during the entire term in order to keep the discount or scholarship for the current term. Required developmental courses are considered “core courses” for enrollment purposes.

Performance discount and scholarship monies cannot be used to pay for advanced credit or audit courses. All students receiving performance discounts and scholarships must attend regularly scheduled chapel. As part of the Meaningful Life Course, chapel delivers Christ-centered teaching and training toward the fulfillment of our mission. Attendance is required for all degree seeking students. An individual student cannot receive benefits concurrently from more than one Jacksonville College scholarship. Performance discounts and scholarships will be awarded according to qualifications and on a first-come, first-served basis as long as monies are available.

Performance discounts and scholarships are awarded on an annual basis for one academic year (fall and spring terms). Maintaining a performance discount or scholarship is dependent upon meeting specified academic performance and class attendance requirements.

Performance discounts and scholarships may also be reduced or revoked for due cause. Contact the Financial Aid Office or Admissions Office for further details.