Records Management

The record retention policies of Jacksonville College establish mandatory minimum retention periods for the College’s records. The retention period applies to any paper or electronic record. Electronic records include but are not limited to files stored on a computer or other storage medium, as well as records found in electronic mail, websites, electronic publications, and social media. Original paper records may be disposed of prior to their set expiration date listed once they have been stored electronically.

Each department is responsible for maintaining the security, confidentiality, and integrity of records as applicable to the department.  This includes but is not limited to the use, storage, and disposal of records by the department.

This policy complies with the requirements set forth by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission regarding the retention schedule for records of public junior colleges (LOCAL SCHEDULE JC (13 TAC 7.125(a)(5))) effective September 22, 2010.

Record Retention Schedule

Record Retention Policies