Add/Drop and Withdraw

Categories: Registrar

During the add/drop period only, you can add a course or drop a course or courses by emailing the Registrar’s Office and paying the $25.00 schedule change fee.

You can withdraw from a course after the last day to add/drop by following the procedure as set forth by the Office of Registrar.

You can withdraw from a class through the date indicated on the academic calendar and receive a grade of “W.” After this date, you will receive the grade earned in the course(s).

Grades of W count as hours attempted and have financial aid ramifications, but do not affect GPA.

To withdraw from any and all courses, you must complete an online Course(s) Withdrawal Request Form. The form will only be active and available during the time it may be used. 

For add/drop and withdrawal dates, please view the Academic Calendar.