Transfer Coursework from Another Institution

Academic transcripts from all colleges/universities previously attended will be evaluated for possible transfer credit to Jacksonville College according to these following guidelines.

  • The course must have been taken for college credit and must represent content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies at least equivalent to those of students enrolled in Jacksonville College degree programs.
  • No grade of “F” will be accepted in transfer. Grades of “D” will be accepted for credit; grades of “C” or higher in ENGL 1301 and 1302 are required for an associate degree.
  • The college typically accepts a maximum of 45 hours transferred in. However, all Jacksonville College graduation requirements are applicable to transfer-in credits.
  • Only freshman and sophomore level courses will transfer to JC. These courses normally start with a “1” or “2”.

After applying these criteria, courses and grades accepted for credit will be shown on the Jacksonville College academic transcript. These courses will be included in calculation of the cumulative grade-point average. If a course has been repeated, it is considered only one time, using the higher grade, for grade-point average calculation and for total hours completed.​