Campus Safety

The Campus Safety Team helps ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, as well as the properties of Jacksonville College. They are committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus environment.

Emergency Number

In case of an emergency on campus, please call 911 then immediately notify campus security.

What we provide


The safety team will gladly provide a walking escort to/from your vehicle or buildings when needed. Stay safe! Please call 903.721.1832 to request this courtesy service.

Vehicle Boosts

As long as you are on the JC campus, we will boost your vehicle. Please call 903.721.1832 to request this service. The safety team can also provide referrals for other vehicle services.

Campus Monitoring

Our safety team regularly patrols campus and employs surveillance cameras in strategic areas to monitor outdoor areas, entryways, and hallway activity.

Student Safety

The ultimate responsibility for personal security rests with each student. Follow these tips to help keep safe!

Lock it up!

Keep dorm room doors closed and locked and ensure your vehicle stays locked. Never prop open resident hall exterior doors.

Stay updated!

Watch campus monitors, check text messages and school email regularly for campus safety alerts, weather warnings, and campus closures.


Be aware of surroundings, walk in groups, and stay in well-lit areas.

follow instructions

Follow all evacuation alerts, smoke/fire alarms, and other emergency procedures.


Always carry your student ID card and present it when asked.

Call campus safety

Program the campus safety number in your phone (903.721.1832) and call when needed.

Traffic safety

Use crosswalks and do not loiter in streets.

Fire safety

Never tamper with fire alarms or other safety equipment.

Stay smart

Make sure someone knows your whereabouts when you go out.

Campus Safety

 Darby Annex (behind Meadows Hall)

24 HRS