Students achieve much more than academic success at Jacksonville College. Students learn to appreciate world-class literature as well as experience a wide variety of languages as they learn to communicate with other students from around the world. Professors and instructors in the Literature and Languages Department focus on introducing each student to the value of a complete education, including high ideals as well as accurate and reliable information necessary to develop critical thinking skills.

    The Department offers courses in English composition,technical and business writing, British literature, world literature, and forms of literature. Language courses are offered in both Greek and Spanish. Also, the  Department offers courses in speech communication, public speaking, and in business and professional speech communication.

A favorite assignment in Professor Pettey’s Composition I course is writing a narrative essay inspired by a classic painting. Students Benito Moore and Belinda Nzogere enjoy a puzzle at the Teaching & Learning Center featuring The Nativity, by Thomas Kinkade.